Thursday, June 21, 2012

Slide show of Uganda

it is so hard to believe that a year age I was getting things ready for my mission trip to Uganda!
That trip was a life long dream of mine and with the help of many many people and God's will I made it come true! I will always treaseure my Uganda family and all the wonderful friends I made at St. Jerome Cove center. I will forever be greatful for all the people that helped me raise money by letting me take thier pictures or donating for my plane tickets. My amezing family for babysitting my girls. And my Husband for standing behind me and supporting me even though I was leaving him to go on this trip we had BOTH always talked about doing together!
This coming Weekend Father Hilary will be in town and We have big plans to celebrate his visit. I asm super excited to see him again! I wont be posting tomorrow so I wanted to leave you with this slide show I put together of some of my favorite pictures from Uganda. To ready more about my trip here are a few past post you can click on.

Wow that's a lot of links :)
Now here is the slide show :)
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