Thursday, June 7, 2012

Movie in the park

I love Summer! It's my absolute favorite time of the year!! We get to do tuns of free and fun things together and all outside! There was a free family movie playing at the park at the end of our street one night. It was going to be a little chilly so we brought a huge blanket (I bought from Africa) popcorn and other snacks, sweaters, camera, and of course our princess crowns! 
-the joy of having all girls- they always have to wear princess crowns.

Our little neighborhood actually has a small town feeling- even thought we live in the city. All of Julia's friends from school were there. She ran off to play games with them while me and Belle waited for the movie to start.

We watched 'Despicable me'. I love this movie. probably because I have a huge soft spot for children in foster care and adoption has always been a dream of mine.  You have to see this movie if you haven't already. don't tell anyone but my husband got a little teary eyed at the end...... :P bonus there's a 'Despicable me 2' coming out next year! -can not wait!

          My favorite part of the night was towards the end when Julia made her way back to our blanket and laid her head on my lap. Then Belle snuggled up next to her sister and they both fell asleep!
I sat there watching The evil Gru read a bed time story to the three girls he adopted and I thanked God for giving me my girls and longing for the day when I have ALL my children snuggling with my African Blanket under the stars watching a movie together. 
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