Tuesday, June 5, 2012

My Breastfeeding story...sorry fellas if this is gross :)

When Miss Belle was born I breast fed her.
I loved it Because:
1. it was healthier for my baby
2. cheaper
3. bonding time
4. i lost all my baby weight within a few weeks and not once exercised 
5. I never had to lug around a huge diaper bag with formula and bottles
6. never had to wash thousands of old dirty bottles
7. I look awesome in all my clothes cause I had big boobs :)

Things I didn't like:
1. it hurt if I was at work and I couldn't releave the pressure of them filling up!
2. she was awake EVERY two hours to eat and since I was the only one who could feed her I had to be up! (not 1 full night sleep for 8 months will drive you crazy! I apologize to my husband all the time for being such a psycho during that time)
3. I was very depressed when I had to stop breast feeding so abruptly since I didn't realize the immunizations for my trip to Africa were going to be very bad for my breast milk and baby.
4. I could never get comfortable while feeding her
5. the blanket I would use to cover up myself while she was eating would ALWAYS slip and the world saw way more than I wanted them too.

Now considering all the information I learned from Miss Belle and the roller coaster ride breast feeding took me on I have decided to........... do it all over again with the new baby!!
This time hopefully learning from the mistakes and issues I had before. I will be pumping more this time around so that my husband can do some late night feedings and mommy can get some sleep. Praying crazy stressed out sleep deprived mommy isn't as bad this time around! I bought a boppy pillow and already LOVE IT! now the only thing left is that darn blanket slipping problem................... 

The full tutorial is here.

                     Now I can still feed and peak at my little one without flashing the world!
 I am so excited to use my new cover and pillow! I can not wait to have my little one in my arms and start this roller coaster of breast feeding.

Now to leave you with a few new pregnancy pictures:

I still have a few more in mind and time is starting to tick.... 6 weeks to go til my due date!!
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