Friday, September 14, 2012

Going viral

As of right now over  22,000 people "like" the picture and story of my little gift.
That number is mind boggleing to me! I want to thank everyone for their sweet kind comments about my husband and I. I was in tears reading how nice everyone was. I want to print them off and put them in a book for Stella. 
When I think back to that day sitting in the doctors office alone, I remember that split second of thinking I can't do this! But then God stepped in and showed me that I was not alone. He has a plan.
I refused the invasive testing. I needed to trust in my faith in God that his plan for us was the only way to go.  
Stella was born perfect and healthy. After reading through all the comments and emails I received about how other people went through the same thing we did, a small marker turned out to be nothing,
 or how their child did have down syndrome and yet they have been the biggest blessing. 
80-95% of pregnancies with a prenatal diagnosis of Down syndrome are terminated, according to studies provided to me by Dr. Brian Skotko of Children’s Hospital Boston. That's a huge number! it makes me incrediably sad to think of all those innocent lives ended. 
I am not here to start a war about abortion or quality of life. I have my beliefs and you might have different views. I just want to thank the lord everyday for being there with me and blessing me.
 I Love my daughter and there is no doubt in my mind that we would have loved her just as much if she did have a mental deformity.

My hope is that someone out there going through the same thing would do more research, ask more questions about the testing accuracy or what life is really like with a special needs child.  Being a parent is hard regardless of what the situation is but  God has a plan and a reason for everything.

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