Wednesday, September 19, 2012


 "Would it be ok if I was in the hospital room this time?"
My mommy asked earlier this year while talking about Lil Stella's arriaval.
I didn't want anyone eles but me and Brian in the room when Belle was born but this time around I wanted my mom with me too. Not only because she is my mom but because she was a labor and delivery nurse for over 15 years! I was nervous about all the problemss my pregnancy was giving me that maybe something would happen and I wanted her to be there to explain any and everything that could posssibly happen. 
Stella was born perfect and without any complications but I was still glad my mom was there with us and plus she got some awesome pictures of that day!

lets rewind a bunch now 
all the way back to when my mom was a full time nursing student with three kids. Her dream was to be a Labor and delivery nurse. She is the most hard working dedicated person I know and she achieved her dream.
fast forward a little bit:
I was about to gradutae highschool
my mom was now working even harder! she was a single mom of 4 and worked very hard to provide for us and give us everything we needed and wanted. but news came that her hospital was closing down it's labor and delivery department she decided it was time for a change so she tried different areas in the nursing field. 
fast forward just a tiny bit (highschool wasn't that long ago right?)
My extreemly hard working mom now married and down to just one more child left living in her house was starting to miss the fun and love she felt for being a nurse. She wasn't happy and dreaded going to work. But then came the day of my induction to have Lil Stella.
My mom realized she needed to get back to the delivery room. it was after all the whole reason she became a nurse!

I am so proud and happy and excited for my Mom because today is her first day at her new job!
She is back doing what she is suppose to be doing, helping God and doctors bring babies into this world!
and I also take some pride in knowing that my daughter gave her that last push she needed to change something in her life that she needed to be happy!

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