Monday, November 5, 2012

Book review

I was recently asked to read a book titled: 199 Truths about you and your baby
It is a nice short fast read. 
I found myself reading each and every truth and relating to every single one.
You should hop over to amazon and get a copy for yourself.

 As I was reading, of course I though about each of my girls. But most of the truths would immediately remind me of Miss Belle. I found myself back in time to when she was a newborn. I have said before that she was a very difficult baby! non-stop crying, up all night, and always wanting to be fed by mommy. I was exhausted and stressed out. I didn't ask for much help because she was MY baby and if I asked for help I would have failed in some way.
 The one Truth from the book that stuck with me was "sometimes motherhood is simply not what you thought it would be. sometimes it's just hard."
I look back on those early days with Miss Belle and I miss her being so tiny. Other than that I would not go back! She is much more happier now and full of energy. always keeping me on my toes and laughing out loud at her silliness. 
Motherhood is harder than I ever thought it would be but the good days always outweigh the bad.

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