Tuesday, November 6, 2012

I am Kassondra Taylor and I don't support this message

Today is election day! I like everyone ele am just ready for the commercials to be over with :)
I am not a political person. I try to watch good morning America between diaper changing and breast feeding. I have my opinions and feelings toward each candidate but I keep them to myself. I am not one to start arguments and I try to ovoid them whenever possible. even in my own home. 
Julia likes Obama because she doesn't want him to loose his job and Belle like to say Mitt Momney. to say the least it's not been pleasant in the Taylor household.
I thought I would share with you some fun little facts about each candidate. (these FACTS have been brought to you by Google.(I did not hire a fact checker so just trust that it is correct))

name meanings
Mitt: (Milton) from the mill town
Barack: Blessed

Favorite movie
Mitt: O'Brother where art tho
Barack :The God father

boxers or briefs
Barack: niether
Mitt: mormon undies

Favortie food:
Mitt: applesauce

Fav. singers
Mitt: the killers
Barack:Stevie wonder

wedding proposal
Mitt: at senior prom
Barack: at desert while out to dinner

 My husband's favorite show is the walking dead and so for him I found pictures of the candidates as zombies:

Then for all my craft readers Here are a few political crafts you could make today:

my daughters can't vote yet.
they are very bummed
so I made a fake election this morning and let them vote on what meal will be cooked for dinner tonight.
it was a close race 
pot roast won!

now that I have helped you make your decision you should get out there and vote!!!

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