Friday, December 14, 2012

Christmas countdown week 2

We have been super busy getting ready for Christmas!
like I said last week we have been counting down the days with a christmas activity each day.
so here is what we did this past week

Friday the 7th: reindeer hats

 They loved this craft and wear them all the time now!

Sat: I took Julia out for breakfast and we went shopping at a special fundraiser. the store was stocked with gifts children could purchase for 1$ each all the money collected went to families in need. Julia always buys gifts for all of her grandparents so this was perfect!
 Sunday: We drove around town looking at the neighbors christmas lights. 
this is one tradition I am passing on to my kids that I loved doing when I was growing up. (no pictures of it)

Daddy made a ginger bread man with the girls. -see the hat? love it!
 still not sure why the ginger bread man is wearing a diaper.......
We had a christmas symbol lesson. 
did you know that even a candy cane was based off the shepherd's staff?
We read the story of Christmas I love this picture
Thurs: We created our own Christmas CD with our personal favorite Christmas songs (this will be used for a future activity)

I am excited for the next week of activities! I can not believe how fast this month is going! Christmas is literally right around the corner!!!

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