Wednesday, January 9, 2013


well maybe just Kentucky basketball fan :)
Go cats!
my girl had her very first basketball game last weekend!
I was just so excited probably more than Julia.
but come on whats better than cheering on your children?

She spent the first quarter paying very close attention to her team mates.....
 Then when it was her turn she was a rock star!
well sort of. 
it was her first game so who cares if she was guarding the blue team when she was supposed to be on offense?
 and there was one small injury
a smack in the face by the ball.
Her coach is amazing! actually the whole league is amazing they are all so supportive and really just want to make sure everyone is having fun. 
 in the end her team won, not that it matters. But it's a good reason for this momma to cheer a little louder than the other moms :)


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