Monday, May 20, 2013

chop chop

remember my hair post? 

When your pregnant you have to take vitamins. everyone says they help your hair grow. well not for me. my hair is thin but I have ALOT of it and it takes FOREVER to grow! even with vitamins!
I have been growing my hair for over two years now! 
in high school I always had shorter hair and I loved it! 
 one evening I had a little time by myself (very rare!)
so I thought perfect time to get my hair cut!
not one hair cutting place around my house stays open past 5:00 on Saturdays!!
I was so bumbed and if your friends with me on facebook you herd all about it.....
Miss Belle tried to take matters into her own hands with her plastic knife
 But I ended up waiting until morning and going to a professional

 14 inches!!!!
I took The Julia with me so she could learn a lesson in giving in ways other than money.
 she doesn't like my new hair.
But I explained why I did it. I am donating my two years worth of growing long hair to the locks of love. 
she said "That's really cool mom but if your giving it to them why not just give them ALL of it and go bald?"
She always has a way of making me speechless and rethinking who is the one teaching who here?

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