Friday, August 9, 2013

Miss Belle is 3!

any parent will tell you that time flies by once you give birth. 
 I am in still in denial that This Blonde hair blue eye beauty is about to turn Three! 

 She is our little clown. She lives to make her sisters laugh.
 I see myself in her a lot! 
She goes out of her way to make sure she doesn't hurt anyone's feelings
 if she makes a mistake and gets in trouble her little heart breaks
she has given up on taking naps.
she LOVES art! any kind coloring, painting, photography, play-doh, stickers, gluing glitter!
shes picky about food, not veggies please!
wild imagination and sometimes crazy stories to tell

 I see her Daddy in her too:
always full of kisses, hugs and the occasional back scratch
needs to be reassured everyday we love her with all of our hearts
huge animal lover
very smart and loves to figure out how things work and get put together.
feels more comfortable and safe at home.
is a night owl!

 Three years old. My sweet Miss Belle has been such a blessing in our lives and always gives us a reason to smile. We have big fun plans for her birthday catered just to her and what makes her happy.
Happy Birthday Belle Elizabeth, Miss Belle, Belle-Belle, Blonde hair-Blue eye beauty.
my birthday wish to you is that you keep all these qualities we love about you and continue to bring Joy to everyone you meet.

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