Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Keseday's and Bishop's 2013

One of the Families I look forward to the most during crazy fall picture season is 
The Keseday's/Bishop's
a big group of love, laughs and happy memories being made.
They always make me feel like part of their family and they are so open to any fun silly idea I come up with 
but this year they surprised me with a few fun silly ideas of their own like this one....
 and this one......
 But this one was my idea :) all the kids are pointing to the area on the globe that they were born in but through a lot of hard work and love and dreams only God could have made come true they are together.
These Two are so stinking cute! I love seeing past wedding couples continue to get pictures together. I feel like some forget to capture this time in their lives. I am glad they didn't and I am sure some other people that are not here yet will be glad in the future :P

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