Sunday, December 8, 2013


 It was a perfect fall colorful warm day for family pictures!
The Vollmer's are the definition of what Family should feel like. they all laughed and played games listened and were respectful of each other. The kids were obviously the center of the group, Mom and Dad were the backbones.
 I saw this farm in the background and the open shaded area and had to get a few shots there. Grandma pulled out her bag of goodies she brought and immediately everyone started playing toss with the football. I like to think that if they ever made a TV show about this family this is what the opening credits would look like.........

 I am SOOO in love with this picture

I haven't picked out what the theme song would be for your TV show yet...But I do know it would be a good wholesome family show that I would watch :P............OK I am a weirdo I know.

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