Tuesday, January 21, 2014


all month of January kids get in free to the Newport aquarium!
I was so excited because I knew how excited Belle would be!
I kissed her goodnight and whispered in her ear that I had a big surprise for her in the morning!
but little did I know she had the surprise for me at 4:30 in the morning when I was woken up by cries and vomit coming from her bed!
after cleaning up and getting a little bit more sleep we woke up and she seemed to be good. we ate breakfast, got dressed and loaded up in the car. We had to make a quick pit stop at Grandma Jo's before hand. on my way back to the car I looked in the back seat and found Miss Belle had upchucked her breakfast all over the front of her! 
"can we please still go momma!?"
it broke my heart but we had to go back home and try another day.
we finally that other day came! and I think we were more excited this time!!


Miss Belle is such an animal lover so I knew she would love it but I was so surprised at just how ecstatic Stella got over the alligator! we sing a song at library about alligators and the kids use their arms to mimic an alligators mouth, getting louder and louder as their hands open bigger and bigger. Stella was singing and dancing and then started screaming and banging on the glass that was keeping the alligator safe from being squeezed from Lil Stella! Go figure my dare devil loves one of the most dangerous animals!

We had a blast and I got a new favorite picture!

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