Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Rainbow loom is the stupidest present ever!

 The Julia was bitten by the Rainbow loom bug.
That was the main thing on her Christmas list (besides a phone and computer but those were a definite NO!)
Her face when she opened it was priceless, she was SO excited!
but then came the frustrations and anger over her not figuring out the different patterns.
we watched countless of youtube videos, asked all the cousins we thought would know how to do it but no one did. she finally figured out how to do the fish tail loop bracelet. But she gets very down on herself when she sees a picture of other cool patterns and even how some people can make animals and words! she go so upset and said "This is the stupidest present ever!"
I hated seeing her like that and as much as I wanted to help her I couldn't figure it out either!
Grandma Jo to the rescue!!
she stopped over for a visit and brought her famous garbage bag full of things she wanted to get rid of and inside there was this:

 It's so easy that miss Belle is a pro!
and surprisingly very therapeutic. We turn on Delilah on I heart radio (my new favorite thing ever!) and sit at the table, chit chat and just enjoy making crafts together.

 here are some of our finished ones. Belle sent one to her uncle Gage and we hot glued a few magnets to some and put on the fridge.
It is a little messy because I find beads everywhere now but I don't mind to much. I am just happy my girl is having a good time and feeling encouraged that she CAN make something instead of breaking down over stupid rainbow loom.

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