Monday, January 13, 2014

my Netflix favorites

a few years ago we decided to cut out a lot of things that we felt were a waste of money. Cable was a big one. except for a few shows the only person watching was Julia and it was a 24/7 marathon of Sponge bob! 
last year I did talk my hubby into spending the $8 a month on Netflix. and it's become my nightly ritual. put the kids to bed clean up the kitchen from dinner, grab a snack, work on pictures and turn on Netflix. 
so after a year of watching different shows and movies I wanted to put together a little list of my favorites. because well just because I like list.

1. Walking dead
of course right?! I mean I did do our family pictures based off the show this summer.
but seriously it's soooo good! and as silly as this sounds it's made me think differently about weapons.  honestly if someone would come at me trying to eat my brains I would have just laid there and let them but now I feel like I could use anything and bash their head in like a bat, pole, gardening hoe..bring it on walkers!!!
2. Breaking bad
my husband was obsessed with this show for years!
so I mainly started watching it because I wanted to know why.
and ooooo man seriously all the hype everyone was and still talks about with them winning the golden globes is no joke! GREAT show! you will be so speechless and just amazed at the whole story and how perfect it is written and acted!
 3. Orange is the new black
this is not a show for everyone. I know people that would hate it but I love it! so much so I almost want to cook some meth with Jessie, bash some heads in with Daryl just so I can have one conversation with crazy eyes in the women's correctional.......ok not really but it would be a cool story :P
 other mentionables to check out:
arrested development, parenthood, Friday night lights, American horror story

1. It's a disaster 
 funny funny! not at all what I was expecting but seriously want to watch it again and I hardly ever watch a movie more than once! I really want my brother Jarrod to watch this because he has a different kind of humor and I think he would really like it :)

2. The other woman
 I love Natalie Portman and at first I hated this movie. I hate cheaters and women that break up a marriage and try to justify it with stupid reasons that are supposed to make them feel better but then watching the events that happen to her is so heart breaking. DEFIANTLY  a tear jerk-er big time!!!!
 3. friends with kids
another funny one. Some of my friends that don't have kids probably think our life is like this movie. crazy, stressful, messy, yelling and temper tantrums. but until you are a mom and you have one of those days where everything is falling apart and then this little person that you helped create and bring in this world, this beautiful, innocent child hugs you and tells you they love you the most and you know with their whole heart that they really do, it's all worth it and you look at your single friends that are going on vacations and parties, hang out with other friends drinking and being "free" you just think they have no idea what they are missing.

other movies to check out:
these are not my favorite movies just new ones I have seen thanks to Netflix, my favorites would be
Titanic, Forest Gump, Grease

1. Business of being born:
I highly recommend anyone that has had kids, pregnant, someday will have kids, please watch this movie! it's fascinating to me how our body works and what it can do. We do plan on having one more child biologically and this movie has made me really rethink my choices and what I want the next time around.
2. Stuck
I have mentioned many times how adoption will be in our future. With out a doubt I know God is calling us to complete our family this way. Stuck had me in tears from start to finish.

3.Black fish
ooo this one is soo good! It's about the whales at sea world but it's not a happy story because these whales don't live a happy life. that's all I am going to say. just watch it!


 Other documentaries to watch:
china's lost girls, The women who wasn't there, Monica and David.

 happy watching!

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