Tuesday, February 18, 2014


My sister took The Julia to the movies about a month ago to see Frozen.
She loved it!
she taught her sisters the songs and now they all sing "let it go" all day long.
I am sure you have seen this version floating around the interent.

I am in love with it.
the african drums and the childrens chior but that lexi walker girl wow! what a talent!
well all this Frozen frenzy going on at my house has inspired me to do a little photoshoot. 
I included Kylan, one of my after school kids I watch in with the photo shoot. 
we had a blast playing makeup and dress up and then out in the snow. it was surprisingly pretty warm today so it was perfect for this!
 I know I might be biased but my girl is rocking her "modeling faces"
 so gorgeous!

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