Tuesday, February 25, 2014

it's too quite

you know about that golden rule of motherhood; 
when it is too quite your kids are up to no good.
our house is an older home and the stairs squeak with every step you take.
so I tried my hardest to tip toe up them to catch whatever trouble my 3 girls were so quietly getting into......

 My heart was overflowing with so much love.
if I could have styled these pictures I would have changed the fact that they were missing shoes, miss match socks, belly is showing, hair is not brushed, room is a mess, not the cutest book cover, took down the ugly temporary sheet hanging over the window. 
But if I changed even one thing about the scene it would have ruined the moment, the bonding, the memories my girls are making together.
These three truly are my pride and joy.

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