Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Jump n jacks

I am a little late to catch on to the Instagram train
but I finally did and I LOVE IT!
you can follow me here
if you already do follow me then you have seen these.
this day was so much fun I have to share again!
with the girls, my sister and her friend Haley 
which helped out a lot
 we each had one girl per person.
I love this place!
it's clean and well taken care of.
the price is awesome (adults free!)
even though it's not super huge and there were a lot of people
there is so much to do that you don't really notice.

Miss Belle is such a sweet gentle little girl.
she's safe.
the big slides were too high and too fast for her so she found one that wasn't too bad and she went up and down that one slide over half the time we were there.
 Stella on the other hand is our little dare devil!

and Julia well she is a huge ball of energy. this is the only picture I got of her because she was nonstop bouncing off the walls!

This picture cracks me up. My sister took Stella to go down the slide. They sat down when it was their turn, she pushed off  to go down the slide when a tthe last second some random little girl jumped in her lap.  
 I said "who is that?" 
she laughed and said "I have no idea!"

 good fun times! and I forgot how bad rubber burns hurt! I left with bruises on my knees and my ribs were sore for a few days. but I can't wait to go back!

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