Monday, February 17, 2014

Julia's heart

This is my daughter Julia, 
or I like to refer her as THE Julia. 
she is one of a kind. she is on a mission and once she gets that spark in her mind about anything she will not stop until it is complete. 
She came home with the jump rope for heart information and talked about the kids she learned that suffer from heart problems Their stories and what they go through on a day to day biases.
 she wanted to help. she was determined to set up a webpage and begged me to post it on facebook.
I love my daughter but the awareness and support that she is helping to bring to these children she has become so attached to has inspired me and makes my heart burst with pride for her. she also asked if she could write a letter on here to try to help her express her thanks. how can I refuse?

Dear donators, 
It means a lot to me when you donate. I want to make a big difference. I am able to go outside, but there are kids in need that do not get to go outside and play because they are in the hospital.
 When you donate you are helping kids that have heart problems. Every penny, dime, quarter and dollar all goes to the heart accession. Thank you for working hard at your job and giving your money to help  me support a child. 
I am trying to reach my goal $250. If you already donated, will you please ask other people to donate. I hope we can change someone's life and help a child get better so they will be able to play outside. Thank you for your support,
Julia Taylor

this is the link for the donation site. please consider donating even $5! 

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