Friday, February 14, 2014

last minute valentine's day gift

last minute valentine's gift!
I am always torn about Valentine's day. I do think it's a hallmark holiday putting pressure of couples, mainly men, to spend big bucks to prove their love. 
but I don't want to NOT celebrate it too.
 I mean it's a day that reminds you to let that special person know just how special they are to you.
I am crazy in love with my husband. 
and I mean CRAY CRAY! :P
 He drives me nuts and these last couple of months of marriage we have had lots of hills we fought to get over. One night we both looked at each other and said "marriage is really hard." and as crappy as it was to admit that to each other it felt really good to know we were on the same page and we were getting through it. My husband does so much for our family and I am so grateful and blessed for everything he did, is doing and working towards doing.  Everyday we do things to make sure the other person feels loved and cared for. But I can't pass up a chance to some how make him something.

I saw this idea a couple of years ago on a blog. so super easy and so super cute!
just need a coffee mug and a sharpie.

I wrote a little poem I made up:

I love you.......More than fruit chews, miss match socks, our green front door, talking about Africa and Photography. I love you more than Julia loves Taylor Swift, Belle loves elephants and Stella loves her thumb. I love you like Jesus loves you and what I love the most is being your. Mrs.

you just bake it for 30 minutes at 425 and that's it!
It's the perfect gift! can't wait for him to see it :)
how do you celebrate valentine's day?

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