Monday, July 7, 2014

July 4th

4th of July is a very special day in my house hold and this year was one for the books!
Not only did my super hero brother get to come home for a visit
we had a family grill out at my mom's
 the date marks 5 years I have been Mrs. Taylor
we found out the sex of baby #4!
so any last minute guesses?

we are beyond excited! I honestly am relieved.
it was keeping me up at night thinking that if we had a little boy he would be wearing a lot of pink or he would get more attention since he was the only one in the family. I baby sat boys but really have no clue about how to potty train a boy or other boy issues. Boys scare me lol
My house is full of princess dresses, singing competitions, my little pony cartoons and loud squealing giggles. There really isn't room for a boy here. 
Some people have sent condolences toward my husband but he knew from the moment I told him we were pregnant again that it would be a girl. he said he was prepared and really excited.I think it's fate because from all the stories I have herd about what kind of young man my husband was before we met, it was pretty obvious he was a heart breaker. I wonder what even one of those girls from his past would say if they found out he is now the father of 4 girls! lol
These little princesses we have are his whole heart and he is so excited to get to know the newest one. 
4 more months to go!!!

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