Thursday, July 10, 2014

Washington park

warning  TONS of pictures!!

If you have been a frequent reader of Chachi's memories  then you know I like to take my kids on little adventures all the time.
I am not a home body 
I can spend hours just walking around somewhere and having the time of  my life doing nothing really.
we try to find new fun places to go 
obviously the cheaper and more fun the better for us.

 My mom had  been talking about taking the girls to the new Washington park
in Cincinnati.
(I guess I get my non-homebody from her)
So we packed our swimsuits and a lunch boxes and headed down.
now this part of the city has a VERY bad reputation BUT it's getting better and I felt 100% safe letting my kids run around. The parking garage is actually under the park and you take an elevator up  right  inside the park. so no wandering down side streets or shady areas. There were plenty of workers and security guards keeping watch but not to the point where you wondered why they needed to be there. Lots of kids day care camps and other families were enjoying the fun. 
and there was  SO much to do!!
ok enough talking here's the pictures:

 O those tip toe hugs are the best!
 this series of pictures crack me up and shows how great of a big sister The Julia really is.....

Belle was a little nervous about the water shooting up

Julia hugged her....
 then put her face into the water to prove it's safe

 Belle died laughing!
 After we splashed at the water park for a bit we ate our lunch and then went to the playground/castle
 music making 
and sand pit
 i love how my mom is not the kind of  grandma to sit on the bench and watch she wants to get in there with them and play!
 My kids are every  used to seeing mom with a camera  following them around but that doesn't  mean they pose for me willingly. so  I have to kind of coax them.
I will usually find the spots I want and secretly talk them into playing over in that area. then I find something that might interest them, in these pictures there was a fake lizard sitting in the window. so I said  "look at that lizard!" and then once they are close enough to the spot I yell their name really loud!! they look at me funny and then I laugh and they most of the time smile back lol this doesn't always work but it did for this day...

 Then they wanted to play in the water again.....go figure right......

 but all good fun has to end sometime. and my littlest was beyond tired. 
she has little curls that shine through when her hair is a little wet. I am hoping as her hair grows so do the curls. Curls actually runs in my family but just for a very few people (my sister) the rest of us have bone straight hair.
I highly recommend Washington park! it was so much fun!! we will defiantly be back! and I would love to do real pictures here sometime too if anyone would be interested it a great location!!! maybe even do some fun trash the dress pictures!! hint hint anyone :)

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