Tuesday, September 30, 2014

to do before baby

 As of today I am officially 6 weeks away from my due date!
but with my past pregnancies I went 2 weeks early!!
AND I have lots of reasons to believe this one will be early too.
so figured I better make my list of things to get done before she decides to make her arrival.
it's a little overwhelming thinking our family is about to change again forever.
you would think baby number 4 would be like riding the same bike you learned to ride a long time ago but even though the big decisions like bottle/breast, co-sleep/crib, go back to work/stay at home, pediatricians, what kind of car seat to buy have all been decided on back with our first, I still can't help but feel like our world is about to be turned upside down.  we are going on a new path and we have no idea how bumpy the road might get.
in a good way!
of course
I have been so blessed this pregnancy to not have any big stresses like 2 years ago.
My husband and I actually feel like we are in a perfect place in life right now to bring this little one into the world and we are enjoying every step on this journey.
I definitely recommend a stress-free, worry free, easier pregnancy.

When making a list of what to do before a new baby comes keep in mind all the little things you will not have time for, may things you always wanted to get done, stocking up on little things you don't want to have to leave the house for in those first few days and add a few fun things to help pass the time.

here are a few of my items:

-freezer meals: I hate cooking most days and my husband is notorious for ordering pizza on his once every 2 weeks day to cook. with out a doubt you will be too tiered and too occupied with new baby and older siblings to actually plan a meal let alone cook! I found this pin on pinterest and tested a few of the recipes out over the summer. it was one full night of cooking and it lasted a long time! my family LOVED the taco soup recipe and have begged me to bring it back.

-Baby blanket: I hand made a blanket for each of my girls and this time a round I thought why put the extra work on myself and just buy one. we have plenty of blankets but I did want one new one just for this baby too. after hours of searching for one that would go with her nursery theme I came out with NOTHING! I even recruited a few facebook friends to help and just couldn't find the exact one I wanted. so with possibly 4 weeks left I am stitching and cutting away at fabric to make a one of a kind baby blanket.

-Stock up on diapers and wipes: I had every intention of potty training Stella over the summer but she just wasn't ready. so I waited till after school started but she's still not ready. my goal was to not have 2 in diapers in order to save a little money on the grocery bill. I haven't given up hope and we have had a few successful days, anyone that meets her will tell you she is a stubborn little spit fire and she wants to do it when she wants. in the mean time I have bought a few extra packages to hopefully last us the first month. This baby girl is set on everything she could possibly need except diapers and wipes so hint hint if anyone is looking to get us a present :P no pressure :D

-vacuum car: This also has been on my list for months!! We haven't even had my van for a year yet and it is a disaster! so many snacks and missing socks. I figured since I am already checking things off my list might as well finally buckle down and get this one done too.

-Video last days/birth: my biggest regret of my wedding is not having someone video tape it.  I started watching this youtube channel recently and LOVE the mommies! their birth videos are my favorite. I wanted to document our last days as a family of 5 and welcoming the new one so I will always have this moment in time to look back on. like in the 'what's up mom' videos I will not be getting a up close shot of my lady parts but just our reactions and that first cry. 

-organize closets and clean flower bed:
more things I needed to get done and so glad it's over with!

-maternity pictures:
When ever I meet someone for the first time that has been a follower of my blog of photography the first images they want to talk about are my maternity pictures. I was slacking a lot at the beginning of this pregnancy and finally had ideas start coming to me. so I had a fun little shoot with a friend. they turned out so cute! this weekend my sister is helping me with a HUGE project and I am supposed to have a mommy/daddy shoot soon too! this is my last pregnancy I need to make sure I get every idea done with!

-pack hospital bags:
I still need to do this just not sure when the right time will be. maybe next week. or the week after. heck I might just take my aunt's advice and forget to pack anything and tell hubby to buy me some new clothes instead :) 

did you have any weird things on you to do list before baby came? did you even make a list? it might be a little silly but it makes me feel better to cross something off knowing we are that much closer to being ready.

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