Friday, October 3, 2014

home school preschool baby week

This week has been a week she was looking forward too!
I have been really surprised at how excited she is to welcome a new sibling.
not that she doesn't love her other sisters but I feel like this one is special to her.
back a few months ago during our 20 week ultrasound the technician asked if we had a 3 or 4 year old. We said yes. 
 she said in her experience the 3 or 4 year old guess of the sex was typically spot on.
I laughed immediately because Miss Belle has been set on this baby being a girl.
and the technician's theory was once again proven.
 our preschooler was right on with her gender guess.
everyday Belle hugs my belly and kisses it, wanting the new baby to know how much she loves her.
I am so looking forward to these two meeting each other.

I knew when planning the home school preschool schedule we HAD to include a baby week. 
so we sang 
Rock a by Baby

Read these stories:

then each day we worked on projects:
what do babies need collage
using baby magazines
she practiced bathing, lotion, diaper, dressing, feeding and holding her baby doll
Then with the help of all the big kids we painted a welcome home sign for when the new baby comes
over the summer our Cincinnati Zoo welcomed a new baby gorilla, Mondika !
and we are also waiting for our chance to see baby gorilla Kamina!
so we took a field trip this week to see Baby Mondika. or what little glimpses her mommy would let us. she was feeding and at one point held her up to show her off but then laid on her back and hugged the baby tight.  I could have stayed there all day to watch the mommy and baby but my babies were ready to play at the playground. I am going to try to take an afternoon off to myself and go to the zoo alone and just take my time actually looking and taking pictures.

We also covered squares and rectangles
numbers 3,4 and introduced 5
and she did a few coloring pages just to review all her colors.
I am betting when all is said and done with preschool this will be on the top of her list as a favorite week topic.
Miss Belle is a little mommy in the making but first she is one of the best big sisters!
this new little one is so blessed!

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