Friday, January 16, 2015

Home school preschool Dr. Seuss Week!

This was a super fun week! 
Dr. Seuss week in home school preschool!
We have quite a few Dr. Seuss books in our personal library so we reread those:
Mr. Brown can moo
I can read with my eyes shut
are you my mother?
1 fish 2 fish red fish blue fish
hop on pop 
Green eggs and Ham.

she's still a little awkward at cutting with scissors so we cut out hands and made them into fish for a craft.
  check out her handwriting skills! (I wrote fish because she didn't want to for whatever reason)
 then we experimented in the kitchen and made some green eggs and ham.
she is a very picky eater
 but we both were shocked when she tasted the ham and loved it! in fact she's had Ham sandwiches everyday for lunch since! I ate the eggs.
 all week we talked about rhyming words.
on Monday I introduced the concept and then tried to see if she understood.
"the word caR ends in a R sound like staR and faR. can you tell mommy another word that ends in a R sound?"
P spent a good 15 minutes laughing!
But after a few more days talking about rhyming words I think she understands at least better than before, we will keep working on it.
we played a matching rhyming word game with green eggs.
 Then we crafted a board game out of the Cat in the Hat's Hat. we counted the amount rolled on a pair of dice and covered the number. our friend Korben was over to play this day so he joined in on the game.
in her workbook she reviewed her letters to date and then we moved on to the letter Kk.
She also did a bunch of pages about same and different patterns.

Dr. Seuss was a favorite of mine growing up, I was excited for this week. my favorite book is 
Are you my mother?
it's not written by Dr. Seuss but is included in the series of cat in the Hat easy readers. 
I love how the baby bird goes searching for his mother never having met her and he ask anyone he comes in contact with. He meets a construction machine called Snort!! and asks the machine if it was his mother and it just lets out a loud SNORT! I remember laughing and laughing at
 the silly bird when I was little and guess what?! 
Miss Belle did the same thing at that part too! 
now that I think about the story more it's pretty deep. I mean this poor little bird is so desperate to have a mother he doesn't care if it doesn't look like him or is even a live. he just wants to be loved. 
 I may not feel like the perfect mother that knows exactly what she's doing everyday,
  my kids don't need a perfect mother they need me just the way I am and they just need lots of love and acceptance from me.
that's deep Dr. Seuss very deep!
or maybe I am reading to much into it..........

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