Wednesday, January 21, 2015

my new photography adventure!

  What inspires you?
my kids
all of them, babysitting and the ones that call me momma.
everyday they say something, do something or play pretend and it just sparks all kinds of picture ideas.
this year I really wanted to push myself to do more creative things with my photography. 
and I thought what better way to practice than with all my kids?!?!

Harper as Queen Elsa

 Belle in "shooting magic"

 Kylan in the princess and the frog

 Stella in "painting the night sky"
 Julia  "dream"

Tanner reading adventures
I am loving this fun project and am excited to continue to do more. 
Hazel is upset that she didn't get a turn so I have to come up with something for her.
and if you would like to do something like for your kids let me know!!!!

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