Friday, February 13, 2015

Home school preschool Valentine's week

St. Valentine's Day
or what Miss Belle likes to call it
LOVE day.

We learned all about the actual made behind the day.
St. Valentine
his story is really fascinating.
I only know the preschool version and I am sure there are things left out to be age appropriate so I am wanting to read more about him on my own time.

we read a few books

Then we worked on our numbers and graphing skills with candy hearts
 we drew dots on one half of a broken heart and the actual number on the other half. 
she had to find the matching hearts
 Next we made a bouquet of coffee filter flowers with watercolor paint

 We were going to surprise my grandma with them this week but she wasn't feeling well and is now in the hospital. Belle isn't allowed to visit her but I took the flowers when I went to see. her. 
if you could keep my grandma in your prayers she really needs them right now!

Lastly we made a Valentine's dessert!
Happy Love day!

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