Friday, February 13, 2015

Why I am glad my husband doesn't do social media

 it's not what you think.
I am not hiding some big secret or doing anything on social media that would jeopardize our relationship and if he was just to sign on to his accounts he wouldn't discover I was living a double life.
I am not a good liar so a double life would be the last thing I could pull off.

no, I am glad that my husband doesn't get on any social network because 
I need him in person.
I like that he loves me for me
not my stories or pictures or who I am friends with or what I "like" on facebook.
don't get me wrong I love that others like me for those things and want to follow all of our life milestones.
it really helps me when doing photography sessions, it takes the edge and nervousness away when someone already knows about me.
I can be very shy.
but when it comes to my husband
I never felt anything but myself around him.
 I am glad I don't have to tip toe around his feelings or beliefs
I don't have to put smiley faces or lol's after a comment just in case he disagrees.
I don't deliberately hurt his feelings or anything but he understands when I need to 
vent to him and completely fall apart. I know he will be my rock and support me no matter what.
These last couple of months haven't been too hard compared to things we have been through in the past
 things are not going exactly as we planned either.
He has showed me that my dreams matter and he is working hard to help make them come true.
This year will mark our 10 years of being together and I often think about the people we were back then. I was crazy in love with him and just couldn't get enough of that boy.
Then I look at the man he is today 
he's everything I wanted him to be and knew he could be.
I still can't get enough but in a more deeper, prouder, stronger way.
I feel more confident in myself because of him
I have 4 beautiful blessings because of him
I know what love is because of him
what respect is
what it feels like to be cherished and wanted
he makes me laugh and inspires me
This life of ours is amazing and even when there are set backs I know he's going to fight for us 
He's my best friend

For valentine's day I always make him a gift.
 Valentine's day is not really a huge day for us. we typically spend it at home with the girls and maybe watch a movie when they go to bed.
but this year I made a board game:
the game of love
it's all about our relationship.

complete with our goofy picture markers
the object of the game is to be the first to go around the whole board.
pretty simple
we will roll dice to see how many spaces to move
some spaces have instructions like lose a turn or roll again 
all the spaces have meanings to us though.

Then there are spaces called
 kiss card
where you have to draw a card and answer the question on the back
these are just fun conversation starters really
here's an example:

I am so excited to play this game on Valentine's day!
and another reason I am glad my husband doesn't do social media 
this post wont spoil the surprise since he wont see it :P
Happy Valentine's Day!!!

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