Monday, March 23, 2015

home school preschool St. Patrick's week

Last week we celebrated St. Patrick's day during home school preschool
We learned all about the real St. Patrick
and his story is pretty amazing.
we watched a veggie tales video about him
Then we read a few other stories

we tried to wear green most of the week
and we worked on our numbers with a pot of gold
 The made a three leaf clover Trinity. check out her awesome writing skills
God, Son and Holy Spirit
 Then I thought we would do something a little different and paint the windows! 
her face when I told her she was allowed was like shock, scared but excited. I live for those moments when I throw my kids off in a fun way. 
and yes it will take some elbow grease to clean but I would do it all over again to capture this picture!
Home school preschool was cut short this week because I am a HUGE College basketball fan and March madness is my Superbowl! 
I did let her work in her workbook while I was watching the games. and yes I said let her.
she was very upset I didn't plan anything.
goof, it's March Madness what is she thinking?!
Go UK!

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