Tuesday, March 17, 2015

splinters and my DIY remedy

When we moved in there was ugly maroon color carpet in the girl's room
the entire rest of the house was hardwood, so I just ripped up the ugly carpet.
well when that ugly carpet was installed they glued it into the floor.
and the glue left black marks all over. 
it's not pretty but the worse part is the floors were not sanded down or smoothed. 
 Eventually we will refinish all the floors 
right now we just don't have it in the budget 
so after four nights in a row of holding a screaming Miss Belle down so Brian can use a needle and tweezers to dig out quite a few deep splinters in her toes. 
We had enough.
I went searching for a rug.
our bedrooms are huge!
the girl's room holds a bunk bed, a single bed, 2 long dressers, one tall dresser, a desk and a toy box!
so I knew we would need a giant rug and I knew I did not want to pay for a giant rug.
so I went shopping for 4 medium size rugs.
 I used fishing line and sewed them together.
it's not the prettiest.
but it only cost me $20 and a sore thumb, sewing through this material wasn't easy.
 it's actually really hard to get a good picture of their room.
 too many beds and dressers in the way.
but you get the idea

 yeah for saving money and no more splinters!!

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