Friday, May 22, 2015

home school preschool summer week

This is the last week I have originally planned out for home school preschool
we have decided together with the other kids we would do a mommy summer school
but for me and Miss Belle this is it!
the theme was Summer.
We read a few books

and of course the week we have summer theme plans 
it's a whopping 40 degrees and gloomy :(
so we crafted a sun.
she did all the cutting and got to use the stapler
We had all the kids make ribbon wands to dance around in the sun but instead it rained so we danced in the rain.
we practiced with her numbers and made an ice cream cone counting to 10.
Then we did a science experiment using corn starch, water and food coloring.
mixed it and then poured into an ice tray to freeze overnight.
Thankfully today is sunny! still not summer warm but warm enough to melt the ice chalk we made.
in her work books she learned more about taking polls and estimating.
we worked with the letters B,C, and D

I am going to write a big blog post soon about what I learned my first year of home schooling very soon. but I have to say it has been such a blessing and I encourage every parent thinking about doing something like this to do it! 

Happy Summer! now if only the cold and rain would leave again we have TONS of summer plans!

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