Thursday, May 28, 2015

visitors making ourselves home

My sister and her friends wanted pictures before their Junior Prom.
We met at one of the friend's house
and I was instantly in love 
they had a barn full of chickens and piggies
and the most amazing wrap around covered front porch with a porch swing!

 I did what I came to do and got lots of pictures of all the pretty ladies
then while they were gossiping and ooing and ahhing over their dresses I wondered off to take pictures of whatever my little heart wanted.
 But I didn't get too far because I found something that just melted me

Belle very dramatically did this.
I asked what she was doing and she said she wanted it to look like she was laughing at a joke Julia told. the best part was she wasn't making a sound. she knew pictures don't have sound so she just had to "look the part".

 I didn't want to leave!
it was my dream house and the girls just made themselves at home too
even cleaned up

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