Friday, March 15, 2013

No soliciting

Now that warmer weather is on it's way 
The door to door sales men have been knocking at least every other day.
selling anything from cable, home security, selling candy bars, girl scout cookies, bathroom remodeling, fences, garage doors, and even to paint our house numbers on the sidewalk.
I have a hard time saying no
 I am not interested in any of their services but I don't want anyone to think I am rude. 
smile, listen to the sales pitch, nod, agree, maybe sign up for an appointment and I have been suckered into handing over a little cash. I paid $15 for our house numbers to get painted.....not something I wanted to do.
all because I don't want that man to think badly of me, some lady he will never see again!
It's so silly!
I need to grow some balls right!? :P

I belong to a MOPS group at church and the other month we had a police officer come talk to us about the crimes around our town and what we as mothers of smaller children should keep in mind when playing outside or walking in the parking lots. I learned a lot. and I got up the courage, yes I needed courage to ask lol. I asked about the door to door sales people. he said in our town it's illegal and most of them know that but pretend to not know. and they move on to the next street. I talked about how I am at home alone most of the time with the kids. it's makes me feel unsafe when a strange grown man walks up to my door.
"there is no law that says you have to answer."
OMG! duh!!!!! I felt so silly. of course. 

So last week the dog started going nuts barking up a storm
I wasn't expecting anyone so I tipped toed to the front door and saw it was some sales man dressed in a uniform with a clip board.
I turned slowing around and whispered to Belle
"shh! we are going to play hide and seek."
she smiled and put her finger up to her lips and said "ok. shhh...."

I do have to say the man did do a good job on our house numbers.
but It felt really good not to have to be a fake interested consumer.
and why do companies do this anyway? do they really get that much business from door to door sales?
any who I am planing on making this sign very soon:

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