Friday, April 10, 2015

Home school preschool Veggie week

last year I wrote about our garden
 I was so excited to start gardening again this year.
I knew it had to be a topic for home school preschool.
We read one book
Then we started some seed pods.
I research and found a way to use toilet paper rolls and once the plants start growing you can just plop the whole roll into the ground and it will decompose! we used an old container to keep them together added soil, the seeds and water. then set it next to a window to get lots of sun. 
This year instead of just planting whatever seeds I had inherited from others I really wanted to focus on things my family will actually eat. I know that sounds silly but last year we didn't eat a lot of what we grew because we didn't like them in the first place. 
we are growing green beans, carrots, Brussels sprouts, tomatoes, strawberries and I found a kit to grow grapes. 
 at the store helping me pick out tools and seeds and plants for the garden.
 This is what it looks like so far. I laid out the wood around to help visualize to my husband where I want to chicken coop to go and the fence around the garden. he is still not on board but I figure if I build it anyway he will just let it happen. 
and it will happen one step at a time.
 Then on Friday we found other ways to use vegetables besides eating them.
 Its funny to me that I am Belle's teacher but in this weeks lessons we are learning together. 
because I still have lots to learn!
 any tips would be greatly appreciated!! 
like  how do you know your pulling weeds or actually watering and growing a weed?! (true story) how do you know when to harvest? how to keep bugs, squirrels, birds, rabbits and the occasional wild turkey (another true story) out of my garden? how to build a simple coop and fence? what supply should we have on hand before actually buying our chickens? what do I do with the chickens in the winter? how to start composting? and how to talk my husband into this life style :)

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