Saturday, June 6, 2015

big news! VIDEOS!!

I am super super super excited to announce I have officially become a Youtuber!
I have been wanting to step into this little big world of vlogging for a while now but just recently really felt the nudge to just stop making excuses and do it!
What is a vlog you ask?
 well it's basically the same content of things I blog about right here but in video form.
 this does not mean I will stop writing but instead when I feel like a video would explain topic better I will be posting that. most of my videos I plan are just fun mostly free outings I will be taking with my kiddos, some tutorials about things I am passionate about and a few script videos of part funny part nightmare situations I have found myself in as a mother.
now before you watch my first official video please note that is just that my first. lol
I mess up and act awkward and semi know what I am doing half the time!
but if you ask anyone that knows me in real life that's me. so I don't do retakes or edit to heavily on things. just laugh at me. it's OK. and DON'T FORGET TO SUBSCRIBE!
check out the channel here
and watch the first video.
heck go ahead and watch all of them!

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