Thursday, June 4, 2015

Hazel is 7 months!

So if you are a facebook friend of mine you pretty much know the story about this truck.
but I will just tell it again :)
We moved into our house almost 5 years ago!
I spotted this truck driving around and instantly dreamed of taking pictures of it.
5 years later I finally built up the courage to ask the owner, a complete stranger, if I could please use it as a background for Hazel's 7 month pictures. 
he laughed but said absolutely 
it's a 1952 Studebaker.
The owner said he bought it after someone restored it but he has done all of the up keeps on it to keep it running in perfect condition. 

 Ok now on to my Hazel Nut and all her accomplishments this month!
well nothings really new. lol
she still can't sit up to well on her own but we have been giving her lots of opportunities to strengthen her back and neck. 
belly time, walker time and sitting in the actual baby seat at the stores instead of her car seat.
 she is trying to talk more. and making more sounds like ma, ba and bae 
she loves puffs 
and she's trying so hard to crawl but she just lifts her butt up really high and somehow rolls over instead of forward.

 she still wakes up a lot at night but I am dealing with it. some days are harder than others. 
I like my sleep and get rather grumpy if I don't get enough.
She is worth it though
and she always gives me a sweet smile so that makes it better too.

I will add her monthly update picture soon. she's napping right now and I forgot to take it earlier. 
so check back because the thighs have doubled! lol my chunky butt!
Monthly picture inserted here.

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