Wednesday, October 19, 2011

cow Belle

For Halloween I decided to make the girls costumes! I always wanted to do that. First up was miss Belle's She wanted to be a cow bell..... OK I wanted her to be a cow bell :) I have to admit this before we get started that i copied this idea from my aunt Julie she dressed her daughter in a very similar costume about ummm 14 years ago.
We got a white sweater since Halloween is usually pretty cold here in Ohio. some fabric markers baby bottle nipples and a hat.
I drew cow spots on the sweater.
Then sewed on the baby bottle nipples to act as the cow utters :P
Then i cut out pieces of felt and added them to the hat for ears and horns
Miss Belle make a perfect Cow Belle!
I think i can get away with dressing her up by playing with her name for a few more years
tinker BELLE
southern BELLE
liberty BELLE
dinner BELLE
taco BELLE
Christmas BELLE
and so on and so on she might hate me when she's older but she will get over it right?

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