Tuesday, December 3, 2013

christmas tree 2013

It has been one crazy heck-tick busy up and down season for us. I really miss writing on my little corner of the internet. So I am really going to make it a point to catch you all up and write as much as I can. I also know the season is still far from over so I might miss a few days here and there but I will return! Thanks so much for sticking with me.
 I figured the best way to get back into the groove of things would be to share with you all our annual Christmas tree video!
 you remember 2011 and 2012?! check them out!
 I love doing these because you can see how much has changed in every aspect.
 Being a passenger on the ride you don't really notice all the little changes but when you watch it from the sidelines you pick up on them. some of the small things like new ornaments, the paint of the walls, hair styles, and big things like our new big safer tree and even new additions to the family and the children growing up! I can't help but watch all the videos. I really encourage you to do something like this. some sort of tradition where you video your family every year doing the same tradition year after year. I cherish these memories so much and will forever re-watch them and cry every time! 
now a few disclaimers: this is a fake tree: I love the idea of a real tree but I don't want the mess and the cost. I love how big our tree is and the fact that the top few rows of light wont work I don't mind. the top actually touches our ceiling  so we use a Bell on top to it will fit but Stella couldn't reach all the way up there. I am leaning on not fixing it because she tried and we have many years for it to be "perfect" one of my favorite parts of this years video is when the girls are fighting over the ornaments. keep a look out for that. they get a long for the most part but they do have their little tiffs and it makes me smile to know that you get to see us as we really are not always picture perfect but real. enjoy!

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