Saturday, December 27, 2014

top post of 2014

 2014 on my blog has been full of big post. Lots of fun, Happy life changing ones and some heart breaking ones too.
here is the big list of top viewed post of 2014 and an update if one:

10. New school, new hair, same Julia
update: She is doing awesome! she's so busy with Volley ball, girl scouts, preparing for her first holy Communion, staying on honor roll and lots of new friends! so proud of her!

9. Home school preschool
absolutely loving home school preschool! Miss Belle is learning so much and I am learning just as much about her! so excited to continue the rest of the school year with her but makes me really nervous about her starting kindergarten, I am going to miss her so much.

8. Frozen
it's so weird now to see The Julia with long hair!

7. Last day of last pregnancy
some of these feelings carried on to mothering my littlest one but I am doing better and and still so grateful for all my blessings!

6. Omaha
so glad we were able to go! it was in Omaha that I first realized I was pregnant and I got to share that with my cousin.

5. our christmas card
we didn't have the money this year to print our cards and mail them but glad everyone did get one from the internet

4.moving up and out
lol nope we did not actually move but Stella did move into the big girl room and besides for the first couple of days of falling out of her bed, she has adjusted well and now all three older girls love having "sleep overs".  Hazel hasn't officially moved into the nursery yet but all her things are there.

3. Decades of maternity pictures
so glad we did these!

2. Hardest post I have ever had to write
This family is still in need of lots of prayers. some good happy things are coming in the new year but the pain of losing their little girls still so hard on all of them.

1.Welcoming Hazel Gwendolyn
not only the top post but the top memory from 2014!

at the start of the year I would have never guessed any of this would have happened but that's the beauty of life. we don't know whats coming and God's plan is better than anything we could have planned.

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