Wednesday, January 1, 2014

top post of 2013

 I wanted to take one last look at the top Blogs that you viewed in 2013!! This past year my little corner of the internet has reach TONS of people!!! it's so weird to know that people from different countries seem interested in my stories and pictures!

10.  Guest
I had a very special person take over my blog and write a post!

9.Jordan & Amber
such a sweet loving couple! their wedding was so full of love and faith that I just completely wonderful!

A very inspiring little boy!

7. Bad mom
I still feel bad about this one.

6.The winner is......
I held a little contest to reach more people on facebook and if any one shared my page they were entered into the contest! 

a story about a brave young girl battling a tough battle but dancing her way to find a cure!

4.  Alex and Kristin
one of the funnest weddings I have ever shot at!!

3.Easter Mini
this was a fun day. my best friend Ashely tagged along with her bunny while I took pictures of some super cute little ones.

2. Ron and Lisa
Lisa made a beautiful bride and Ron was just so happy all day! here's the post of their wedding.

1. Bourdoir 
I was terrified to post this but I guess when you build up courage and maybe show off a little skin your blog explodes!

I am also about to see how people found my blog. someone searched in Google for "Chachi breastfeed me" that was a little strange........but hmm......thanks for reading I guess. :)

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